August 18: Agriolabs reaches funding goal for modular countertop garden in just 20 hours

The latest headlines & happenings in Edmonton's tech community. This week: Agriolabs successfully met its $10,000 fundraising goal for Micro, a modular, stackable, automated device "that grows microgreens on autopilot," in just 20 hours; Jobber was featured by The Globe and Mail; a job posting for the inaugural CEO of Edmonton's new innovation entity is available; Nanolog Audio is participating in the KSGC accelerator in Korea; RWI Synthetics has been named a semi-finalist for the City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge; and Kristina Milke is no longer in the operations of Valhalla Angels.

See the August 18 edition of the Tech Roundup, sponsored by Innovate Edmonton, for links and more information on all of the news items mentioned in this episode.

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